Highpool Destroyed: Fixed Jackhammer attacking from range.

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Prison: Fixed an issue wherein Baychowski's barks would remain on screen too elongate. Rodia: Fixed "Satan" keyword not disappearing in certain cases. Angel Oracle: Be able to no longer save during the arable farm fight sequence. Damonta: Will no longer get Bart quest update if he hates the party. Rodia: Stopped Dante from getting into the wrong state when you've just revealed the plot against him. Or just "Ending turn. Fix for breaking input after the end of a conversation.

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It is now be possible to reload secondary weapons by dragging ammo against them. Fix use of object amalgamate for AttackRecords to release the objects back to the pool. Prison: Turrets are now deactivated if the android has attacked inorganic targets. Useful designed for cutscenes. Backgammon ist ein Brettspiel, dass zwei Spieler erfordert und bei welchem die Spieler miteinander darum konkurrieren, welcher Spieler zuerst alle seine Backgammon-Steine vom Brett entfernen kann. Made Mercaptain's account match scene more closely. Ag Center: Intercom is no longer interactable afterwards speaking with Kathy Lawson in person.

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Angel Oracle: Added checks to prevent caller processing guards from barking if the Robbinsons have taken over. Now it prints only one string, e. Answer for breaking input after the aim of a conversation. Rail Nomads Camp: Radio tower description no longer assumes the Repeater Unit has already been attached. Damonta: Red no longer dies if all the robots were hacked. Ranger Citadel: Fixed an issue wherein General Vargas attempted to answer the Ranger both in person and above the radio. Gorkinovich's Distillery: Can denial longer save while truck cutscene is in progress. Fixed Rose incorrect grammatical name.


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